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Hi, I'm Yixing. I'm just your normal guy, working a normal job. In fact I work as a mailman. Sounds boring but i love it because I help people confess things anonymously to people they care about, without having to do it themselves. That's right! I'm an mailman that delivers anonymous letters. Have someone you want to send a letter to? Just tell me and I'll be happy to help~

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wolflulu replied to your post “Hello there! Ignore the whole girl visage. I’m Luhan and I swear I’m normally a male. I think we’ve spoken before but we lost contact and that’s horrible.”

It’s very complicated. {she tucked a few strands of her hair behind her ear} But it’s nice to meet you as well.

;he flows your motions with his eyes, unable to look away.) Oh.. okay ;he says, curiosity still dancing in his brown orbs but he manages to push it down. At least for now.) How.. how are you today? ;he asks, his cheeks flushing lightly as he sways on the soles of his feet, smiling at you happily.)

{{ flails and cries a little it’s perfect ; ^^^ ; even tho hamin is straight he’d top that bitch ass B))) }}

[[ wheezes i didn’t know he was straight??? whoops i missed that but but either way it’s just fiction and oHMYGOD HFXLKFHLKGH ]

Apr 24th
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amaxphoria asked: "Angst, please."

(Trigger Warning) Our muses are in an abusive relationship together and things take a turn for the worse. (Trigger Warning)

Yixing had always been told that love made you do stupid things but he never believed it. How could one small emotion cloud your judgement enough to make you do things you won’t do otherwise.? How could you let yourself do something that was stupid when you knew it was stupid. He had always believed that humans were rational creature and no matter what emotion they felt that they would end up making the rational choice. He of course was wrong.

Yixing had never really planned on falling in love. Not for a while at least. And when he did, he had thought he he would have fallen in love, like in the books he had read and the movies he had seen. But reality was always different and Yixing had fallen for such a male he had never dreamt of falling for. There was just something about the dark looking stranger that he had run into that fateful night when he decided to be too kind to say no.  

Their first meeting wasn’t the most romantic and had resulted in Yixing being pushed into a pile of snow but it had been fate that brought them together. Actually, now that Yixing thought about it, he couldn’t really remember how they ended up together but somehow, despite their opposite personalities and opposite habits, they had ended up as a couple. Heck, Yixing couldn’t even remember who had asked who out. All he could remember was that one day they were just together.

The more Yixing thought about it the more he realized why their relationship was falling apart. Maybe they were never really in love but just found themselves being pulled together by fate? It was probably life’s cruel attempt at a joke. Maybe that’s why Hamin never smiled at him, never once whispered a loving phrase to him, never embraced him like a lover. It seemed like Yixing was the only one that was trying to keep this failing relationship together to the point where he let it cloud his judgement.

He was so convinced that they were meant to be together that the first time Hamin had hit him, Yixing thought he deserved it. He deserved it for not trying harder, for not looking at things from Haemin’s point of view. That was probably when it all started. When Yixing started losing himself, letting himself fall prey to those dark emotionless orbs over and over again. And today was no different.

Yixing body ached where Hamin had hit him, blood running down the corner of his mouth as he stared up at his lover. “Hamin..” He whispered out, looking up at other male with pleading eyes but was only met with an ice like stare before he was hit again. A small whimper escaped his lips as the blows kept coming one after another until Yixing felt his whole body go numb.  

They said falling in love was like floating on a cloud but what they failed to tell you, if you took one wrong step you’d end up falling. Falling so hard you won’t be able to find your way out. Love was a maze and Yixing was unable to find his way out. Instead he kept coming back; coming back over and over again until his vision blurred, until his body felt like it was breaking peace by peace.

They said love would be the death of you and they were right.

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